How is the Server Edition licensed for Power BI Cloud Service via On-Premise Gateway?

by Admin

If you have fewer than 180 users for your Power BI Cloud Service, a user-based license of BI Connector Server Edition is recommended. Please note that all the users of the Power BI Cloud Service must be counted as users for BI Connector.

If you have more than 180 Power BI Cloud Service users, then we recommend a server-based (CPU core based) unlimited user license of BI Connector Server Edition. The number of CPU cores in the machine used for the On-Premise Gateway is considered. A minimum of 4 CPU cores must be licensed.

If you have an enterprise installation (16 or more CPU cores) of On-premise Gateway, then we recommend an enterprise license of BI Connector Server Edition which will offer you the flexibility to deploy BI Connector on all servers for all your users at an attractive cost.