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BI connector acts as the bridge between Tableau/Power BI/Qlik and OBIEE. It uses a patented technology to seamlessly transform the queries from the analytics tool to OBIEE and ensures that they are compatible with each other. Connecting from the analytics tool to OBIEE via BI Connector is very similar to connecting from a web browser […]

Migration from OBIEE to another tool is a complex effort costing millions of dollars and several months if not years of consulting effort. During this migration period, companies are keen on minimizing disruption to users and help jumpstart the adoption of the new tool. Therefore, Organizations consider BI Connector as a critical aid for ensuring […]

Yes. You can retain OBIEE and help users to connect from their favorite tool to OBIEE subject areas and reports.

Yes. If you are interested in learning more about the BI Connector Partner Program that offers margin, training, and support to partners, please contact us.

64-bit Windows Operating System .NET 4.5 or higher Windows Administrator privilege for your PC to install BI connector URL, username and password for your OBIEE environment


You can visualize data from OBIEE subject areas and reports using BI Connector. The limitations of connecting using BI Connector depends on the visualization tool and are often the limitations of the visualization tool themselves. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us to schedule a deep-dive session.

BI Connector works with OBIEE 10g, 11g, and 12c.

BI Connector Desktop Edition is licensed per user. BI Connector Server Edition for Tableau to OBIEE is licensed based on the CPU cores of the server machine if Tableau Server is licensed based on CPU cores. The minimum number of CPU cores is four. If Tableau Server is licensed based on the number of users, […]

BI connector is developed by Guidanz Inc, a San Francisco Bay Area-based company. Guidanz was founded in 2010 and specializes in business intelligence and analytics products. In addition to BI connector, Guidanz has also developed Skedler, an easy to use reporting and alerting solution for customers using Elastic Stack. BI Connector is designed, developed and […]