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Yes. We offer an extension of up to 30 days to help you complete your evaluation. Please contact us.

BI Connector supports integration with SSO modules such as Oracle Access Manager, Windows Native Authentication, SAML etc. SSO integration will enable users to log in using their SSO credentials. Because of the limitations of Tableau Server, Power BI Gateway and Qlik Server, BI Connector does not support automatic log in. Users should log in to […]

Please contact us to schedule a time for web conference where we can investigate the root cause of connection issue and suggest a suitable solution.

There are many helpful resources available for all your BI Connector needs. Visit our Support Portal where you can find installation guides, user guides, troubleshooting help, and a list of answers to common how-to questions. We also have a Community Forum that acts as a message board for all online discussions between users as well […]

For assistance about any installation/configuration issues, send a message explaining your situation to [email protected] and one of our team members will follow up with you.

Take a look at our Case Studies to see how BI Connector has helped our customers modernize their BI. If you are interested in sharing your success story with BI Connector, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to learn more about your experience with us.